Monday , September 26 2022

Genetically modified virus kills cancer cells


LONDON (Reuters) – British scientists have developed a genetically engineered virus that can kill cancer cells and destroy their hiding place, The Sun reported.

The developed virus targets cancer cells and cells that are deceived and changed to protect the cancer from immune attack.

The role of fibroblasts in protecting various types of organs together, but can be kidnapped by cancer cells to help the growth and spread of tumors and avoid treatment.

The virus, developed by scientists at Oxford University, attacks sarcoinoma cancer, the most common type of cancer, and starts with cells that form the skin layer or internal organ tissue, such as the liver or kidneys. At present, every treatment that kills deceptive "fibroblasts" can also kill fibroblasts throughout the body, such as those found in the bone marrow and skin. So the researchers used a virus called adenovirus to deal with these cells, which are currently undergoing clinical trials.

Scientists have worked to design this virus only to attack cancer cells, avoid healthy cells. "Even when you kill most cancer cells in the sarcaroma, fibroblasts can protect the remaining cancer cells and help them recover and develop," said lead researcher Professor Kerry Fisher of the Department of Oncology at Oxford University.

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