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Google Voice Web Update increases the speed of calls

Google makes it easy to make calls over the web interface of the voice service by adding a touch panel that always shows the suggested numbers and contacts.

The tablet still stays on the screen even when you check messages or listen to voicemail, and you have instant access to your keyboard, although you can hide it if you prefer to see more of the suggested contacts.

The user does not need the keypad if there are contact names that are often communicated and when the user is over the name of the contact in the call list, the phone icon will appear and click Connect.

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Finally, the new voice icon in the main menu at the top of the interface will give you instant access to the voice settings of the app that can be used to adjust the microphone and speakers you want to use so you can switch between depending on the situation.

Google currently only features GOOH versions with Google Voice licenses, allowing users to make the most of the quick access to the first access options.

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