Wednesday , May 18 2022

Harmony ″ .. New Huawei Operating System to Compete with Android Science and Technology DW


Huawei has launched a new operating system that it plans to add to its mobile phones in the future. The system, called "HarmonyOS," was introduced by CEO Richard Yu at a Huawei conference in Dongguan, southern China. "We want to bring more harmony to the world," said Richard Yu.

Huawei is at risk of losing Android because of US sanctions against Chinese telecoms operators. Huawei has been blacklisted for allegedly spying on Beijing.

Huawei, the second group of smartphones in the world, found itself in May amid a trade war between Beijing and Washington amid technological competition. The Chinese company has been striving since 2012 to have its own operating system.

China on Thursday denounces new rules announced by Washington that forbid technology giant Huawei and other Chinese companies from signing contracts in US markets and accused Washington of "abuse of power."

These provisional rules will prevent the US Federal Agency from acquiring telecommunications or technology equipment from these Chinese companies as of August 13. Huawei also faces a ban on US companies from selling technological equipment. The ban is expected to take effect in mid-January. The company said it would challenge the measures before the US Supreme Court.

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