Sunday , July 3 2022

Healthcare charges fees for the exams of technical college students


The Ministry of Health has levied a fee for the medical and medical students' eligibility exams on a pretext for revenue development. A number of citizens were surprised by the Ministry of Health's procedure, all the more so as it is the only government body authorized to take the entrance exam.

Salah Salem said he had received his daughter's admission to the International Technical Colleges, which requires a medical examination to determine the reasons for the admission.

He went to a health center for a routine medical checkup, but was surprised by his request to pay 250 riyals, insisted on paying them in cash and refused to pay them through the POS machine.

He indicated that they had given him an official handwriting receipt for the Ministry of Health and specified the fees for opening the doctor and other radiation.

He pointed out that this procedure was surprising for the Ministry of Health, moreover that it was responsible for the school health system after the transfer of the subordination from the Ministry of Education to the Ministry of Health.

He pointed out that upon assuming the regularity of the procedure conducted by the Ministry of Health, the detection value was exaggerated and higher than the private medical complexes, where the value of the statement of the general practitioner was 100 per cent, while not in the private complexes of 50 rial.

For his part, international arbitrator and legal advisor Ali bin Mohammed al-Quraysh said: "The Kingdom's Rules guarantee the right to health care. Article 31 of the basic law provides that" the State shall deal with public health and provide health care to every citizen and his family in case of emergency, illness, disability and old age. "The health care system was issued by Royal Decree No M / 11 of 23/6/1423 (4/6/2002), which states in Article 2 that the system aims to provide comprehensive and comprehensive health care for the population in a just Healthcare systems also include the Saudi Commission on Medical Specialties, the Health Practices System, the Food and Drug Administration, and other health care systems In addition to efforts to disseminate health awareness and immunization against infectious diseases, gnostics and treatment of common diseases, as well as the provision of basic medicines and the provision of health care to pilgrims in general by Saudi and non-Saudi citizens.

He added that the actions taken by the Ministry of Health were irregular and contrary to the Basic Law of the Government and contradicted the decision of the Council of Ministers to transfer school health responsibilities from the Ministry of Education to the Ministry of Health.

The Department of Communication, Communication and Awareness of Health of Jeddah Health stated that medical exams for all Saudi students at state universities and colleges are free and no fees are charged, but fees are paid to private universities and colleges in accordance with the regulations and regulations in the Ministry of Health manual.

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