Sunday , July 25 2021

I have already downloaded ArtGrill 145 season 5, the end of Zangotch Sogut and interesting events through the TRT1 channel

Artagrl 145 Season 5 Expecting Every Exciting Fireworks Exploding this new episode of the series of Osman Osman's latest series following Artgrel's events and completing his heroic heroic positions and this series of the most powerful and wonderful series that are classified as the highest series of Turkish clocks in history, Because of true historical events and exciting, but presented in a dramatic combination of imagination and excitement, they have been able to attract millions of viewers to follow.

The ArtGrill season

Now the episode is broadcast on the Turkish TV channel TRT 145 to see what happened to Artgrel, as there are only about five episodes left in this series, all eagerly waiting to see the end.

The events of episode 145 of the Artgrel series

He had a strong blow from the enemies, and then the Kai tribesmen took him to the doctor to deal with him from the effect of the powerful blow, and Artigarel's fear appeared on him, and now everyone is watching the other events and seeing Artgrel and whether he will be able to eliminate the most dangerous enemies, or whether he will be able to eliminate Albestas the most dangerous enemies or fail to do that,

Channel frequencies

Channel name frequency Coding speed polarization satellite
Channel Trt1 2 1104 8400 vertical TURKSAT
Trt1 10928 3000 vertical Eutelsat
Immediately after the youth 11316 27500 horizontal Nile Sat
Channel Al Yarmouth 11678 27500 vertical Nile Sat

The Artegrel series is one of the most important historical series that was shown on satellite screens, the first series in Turkey after surpassing the three billion view rates in recent seasons, and this makes many channels eager to offer.

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