Sunday , August 1 2021

I have trouble marrying my daughter because of "art"

Artist Mohammed Sulaiman revealed the situation of artists in Saudi Arabia and the suffering of marrying his daughters after being rejected by some because of his work as an artist.

"Art is beautiful but I suffer in the marriage of my children because some people refuse to marry them because I am an artist," said Mohammed Sulaiman,

"One of my children chose better than my voice to sing, but he moved from this street when he discovered that his brothers had difficulties at first so they could get married after being rejected by some," he said, noting upper class people who don't have that contract. "

"Art does not only belong to certain artists, because there is an art mafia that controls all concerts in the Gulf and Egypt, imposes certain names and does not let others appear.

Abizaid: "We try to participate in concerts and won't be able to … Local artists can't deal with strong currents … Contractors and production partners don't want to enter new names."

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