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In my country: the Nile's corpse in Cairo in my country

The limited organization called the League of Arab States with its huge building looking at Cairo is a living example of a decade-long failure in the history of the Arab nation. I believe that the huge sums spent on the construction and operation of this building are considered lost money.

None of the political factions faced the great failure of the Arab League throughout its history against the historical problems faced by the Arab nation, starting with the problem of Palestine, the first Arab problem during the June 1967 war and the occupation of the lands of four Arab countries, instead of the occupation of Jerusalem and the Judaism of the Palestinian Territories, and the consequences of the October War and its catastrophic consequences that led to the isolation of Egypt from the Arabs, then to the war between Iran and Iraq, the waste of material and human resources in an enormous war that lasted almost eight years comes after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, followed by the demolition of Iraq and all its actions sponsored by Western and Israeli plots are clear to all. to see, but sometimes it's funny money with the participation of Arab armies, all of these events presented a catastrophic breakdown of a fragile structure called the League of Arab States.

The sarcastic words and proposals of society require the university building to be transformed into other more useful purposes, such as turning the building into a hotel that can generate income or be transformed into a public garage, and even ridicule as many have wanted to turned into public toilets while others mocked that face. They said that the failure of Israeli membership of the usurper was the cause of this failure.

The stories of the failure of the League of Arab States are far more than successes (if such stories are at the core).

The famous Arab poet, Nazar Kabani, did not mention anything about the League of Arab States in his well-known poem (when they pronounce the death of the Arabs), perhaps because this subject has long died, perhaps because this creature is the cause of the death of the Arabs.

When I woke up, I discovered the fragility of my sleep

There is no moon in the sky of Jericho …

There is no fish in the Euphrates …

No coffee in Aden …

Then adds:

I try as a child to read every book

Talk about the prophets of the Arabs.

And for the wise Arabs … and the Arabs' poets.

I saw nothing but the caliph's poems

For a handful of rice … and fifty dirhams.


That's what they say in the last house

I saw the Arabism shown on the auction for old furniture.

But I did not see the Arabs !!

The most important factor in the failure of the university is that these countries or most of them are stronger than university and university decisions, and the state of the headquarters controls the appointment of the Secretary General of the university and deprives other Arab political competences of that honor. This was no longer acceptable after the Kemp David agreements and there was no deviation from this rule until the Arab League headquarters had been moved to Tunisia following the Kemp David agreements that broke the Arab state. And the destruction of the largest Arab countries one by one, chaos vinegar Ge, that we promised by killer George Bush and his gang of extreme right corners in the US administration.

The countries that pay the largest share of the university budget are the most influential and even more surprising is that the end of the service of the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, as they say, is paid by the Gulf oil state, and therefore the Secretary-General is waiting for the state to run out of service. It can only fuel the country's narrow personal interests, regardless of the strategic interests of the Arab states.

While the Secretary-General of the United Nations, an international organization from any country, is elected and may be from developing countries, it is Egypt that provides Boutros Gali with the Secretary General.

The stories of the failure of the League of Arab States are endless …

This unhappy being has failed to force Israel and the international community to regain their land and Arab holy places: the Syrian Golani and our holy places in Jerusalem and the Lebanese Shebaa farms are still under Israeli occupation.

And they failed to intervene and to keep the crisis between two Islamic countries, Iraq and Iran, and thus failed to prevent the outbreak of a violent war that lasted nearly eight years of green and green land and caused Iraq and the Gulf states to the equivalent of $ 600 billion, and two million dead and millions of other injured and displaced people. The Arabs even raised slogans that glorified Saddam Hussein and described him as a defender of the eastern gate before he turned against them and then turned against him.

The League of Arab States failed again to prevent the invasion of Saddam Hussein's regime.

Then this unnecessary entity failed to prevent America and the West from destroying Iraq and occupying its territory with false pretenses. Sadly, the Arab countries again contributed their armies and money to the destruction of Iraq.

When was the body buried in Cairo?

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