Sunday , July 3 2022

Learn about the al-Hamdin gang for the spread of chaos in Arab countries


Al Hamdein's assent to the spread of devastation in Arab countries and his alignment with the Iranian terrorist agenda began to emerge consecutively following suspicious movements of the Qatari Muslim Brotherhood and the Houthi militias in Yemen.

The Doha demons have moved the Brotherhood and its political arm, Isla, to target an evacuation camp in Aden with a rocket attack, according to Sheikh Hani bin Brik, Vice President of the Yemen Southern Transitional Council.

Ben Brik said a missile aimed at the evacuation camp had been fired from northwestern Aden in connection with the intensive deployment of Muslim military patrols, which planned to target Arab coalition leadership and political and military leaders in the Southern Transitional Council.

The deputy chairman of the transitional council said the party's plan for reform in Yemen is to get rid of the southern leaders in a serious conspiracy against Aden and to fall into the hands of the Terrorist Brotherhood.

Brick reviewed the results of an investigation into the insidious attack last Thursday, citing a number of military leaders led by Brigadier General Munir al-Yafi, Abu Al-Yamama, commander of the support and attribution of the First Brigade, saying it was intentional. among others, that the evacuation incident is the start of the scheme.

"Brigadier Abu al-Yamama went to receive the leader of the Arab coalition in Aden, who arrived at the gate of the evacuation camp just before the explosion hit the podium behind the honor guard," he said.

He also explained that the missile was aimed at the platform on which the coalition leadership, the Transitional Council leadership and military leaders would sit, noting that "the target was not the martyr Abu Al Yamamah".

Ben Brick stressed the need to clean the sleeping cells located in the city of Aden, in direct coordination between the seat belt and the President's security teams, warning that he would not direct weapons at people and that he would come out with a "public donation" to express his intention not to fight the war, but we, the people, when imposed.

The movements, backed by the Qatari Muslim Brotherhood, coincided with the implementation of the Houthi militia, a coup, a terrorist operation targeting an unmanned aerial vehicle and a short-range ballistic missile, a parade and military training at an evacuation camp in the temporary capital of Aden.

The terrorist attack led to the death of 36 martyrs, including Commander of the First Brigade for Support and Support Brigadier Munir Abu al-Yamama and a number of his comrades.

Arab traitors have turned their attention to the spread of devastation and devastation in the countries of the region and found the best friend in the Iranian agenda to pursue their suspicious goals aimed at tearing down the Arab world in search of false international leadership based on the destruction and spread of the poison of sediment and chaos, especially after the discovery of their order and the boycott of Arab countries,

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