Sunday , September 26 2021

Magda El Roumi began practicing her concert at today's Arab Music Festival

Today, Majida Al Roumi will hold its first concert at the end of the 27th session of the Arab Music Festival, accompanied by Maestro Nader Abbassi.

Al-Roumi, who arrived in Cairo yesterday, is preparing to prepare a varied lyric program that includes four new works for the first time at the Egyptian Opera House, where he has been absent for almost 15 years.

Al-Roumi is scheduled to receive the award of his father, musician Halim Al-Roumi, who was postponed until the opening night until arriving in Cairo.

On the other hand, Saudi vocalist Rami Abdullah will perform the concert, which will be held on Thursday, in addition to the Darwish Faith Al Bahr concert show, which will be held on Tuesday afternoon.

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