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Mawazine reveals a list of names of concert artists from the Renaissance platform .. Oka, Ortega, Saad El Sagheer and Abu from Egypt!

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Posted: Friday, May 17,

Representatives of the Mawazine Festival for their 18th session announced their program and artists participating in it.

According to a festival management statement, it will start on June 21 and end on the 29th of the same month and at least eighteen artists from the giants of eastern music in the Arab world, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates emirates to present their most beautiful creations.

The Renaissance platform this year will embody the love of the Mawazine forum with oriental music, while balanced singers will enjoy oriental vocal ties with famous Moroccan young talents in the Middle East as part of concert programming followed by authentic oriental tango performances.

Lebanese artist Karoll Samaha will open the Renaissance Theater Festival and this very talented artist will present the most successful songs that have characterized her blinding career for 20 years. Carroll has released many songs and won multiple awards, the World Music Award for Best Performance in the Middle East (Monaco 2014) and Morrix's Best Performer Award in 2013

Singer Mohamed Reda, son of Marrakesh, will perform the first part of this opening artistic evening, and the audience will sing with him the rhythms of the new generation of modern Moroccan song. The balance of Mohammed Reza has so far had two albums and several concerts in Morocco and abroad.

On Saturday (June 22nd), the Renaissance platform will be shaken by the authentic strong voice of Lebanese singer Asi El Elani. "Knight of Arabic Music," experienced in the performance of the mountain song, over 25 albums and many concerts in prestigious international theaters.

Links from the Moroccan song with Oriental rhythms will be interrupted by the renaissance voice of the young Moroccan singer Yusra Saouf. Yosra became famous at the age of 20, after the second season of Arab Idol, and began his career with the song "Bajito Yalla Li", then "Habibi Different" and "I Love You.

Sunday, June 23, date for the audience with Lebanese singer Miriam Perez. With exceptional performances, among contemporary Arabic, popular and oriental songs, theatrical queen has achieved impressive success. Miriam always strives for creativity by adopting new trends in all of her albums and choosing composers and famous Arab music producers.

The crowds from the Renaissance platform will continue in the first part of the evening with the Egyptian duet Oka Waite Argega. Artists Mohammed Salah and Ahmed Metley will present an amazing blend of Egyptian folk music with hip-hop rhythms. The duo attracts millions of hits on the Internet and brings the most famous festivals in Egypt.

On Monday, June 24, the audience will be glad to see the Palestinian singer Mohammed Asaf, the winner of the Arab Prize for Idel 2013, which has released four successful albums – this talented and beloved artist in the Arab world has all Oriental, mountain, turban and modern colors. Being Ambassador of Culture and the Arts in Palestine.

This artistic evening will open a bright name in the sky of the popular Egyptian song Saad El Sagir. The artist, called "Emir of the People" in Egypt, combines the rhythms of the Eastern Pop and the traditional Egyptian style. Among his most famous songs: "Arabic", "Maine Talk", "Pat Pat" and "Sabah Al Shkawa".

Tuesday, June 25, Lebanese talent Ellis will sing to the public on the Renaissance platform. She is considered one of the best and most creative Arabic artists in the Middle East and has sold more than 45 million albums.
She won the Best Middle Eastern Music Award for World Music Awards 2010, 2005,2006

Hameed Hadri will congratulate the first part of the concert and present to his fans a collection of titles that have made him famous. This original singer and songwriter won first place at Star Academy Maghreb and set up his Fawzia "Alma" band, then joined the band "Mazagan" and then went on a solo march.

Wednesday, 26 June, representatives of artists Valid Tauphik and Diana Karasson, Lebanon and Jordan will be an honorary guest at the party tonight.

Lebanese singer and actor Walid Tauphik spent most of his career in Egypt. He is widely known in the Arab world for the fulfillment of his dreams. In 1973, he moved to the famous Lebanese television show "Studio El Fan", the starting point of his successful career. Valid Tauphik plays many roles in major Egyptian films and performs concerts in the biggest theaters in Carthage, Tunisia, as well as in Jordan, Morocco, Syria and Egypt. In his collection are about 600 songs written and written by prominent writers from the Arab world.

As for Diana Karazon, she became famous after winning the first season of Superstar 2003 (Arabic version of New Star). Diana, the singer and TV star and actress, has released four albums so far. Currently she is one of the most famous singers in Jordan.

On Thursday, June 27, the Renaissance platform will be filled with the strong presence and sound of Lebanese singer Rami Ajah. "My Heart" and "Majnoon," and his role in the "Prince of the Night" series, great successes won by the artist of the most prestigious Arab awards. Rami is also the founder of the children's non-governmental organization Ayas, dedicated to children's education and rehabilitation.

The audience will sing with the Moroccan singer Hassa Zaglag in the first part of the evening with the titles of her album "Farek Kalamak" produced by Rotana in November 2009. With a beautiful voice and good music, Hasna Zaglag became famous in Morocco and the Arab world after the remarkable Bastaud Duzim and her work with the Arabic Gigants.

On Friday, June 28, the Renaissance Theater will see two different performances that will have a good impact on the same audience:
With the Lebanese singer Nieva Karam and her strong mountain voice. The Arab Sun Song, Nye Karam, one of the most famous artists in the Middle East, studied at the Beirut Music School and began working on the art scene in 1989 with the following titles: Bachmashlak, Ya Habayb, Tone of Love and Hadi Hello. Najwa Karam has received many titles and awards and has sold more than 60 million discs worldwide, and her albums have achieved the best sales in the Arab world.

And with the Egyptian artist Abu, in the first part of the concert. This talented artist composes and composes Abu chooses a choir before starting his career as a singer in 2013 and thanks to his unique writing becomes a true Arabic phenomenon. His song with Egyptian actress Yusra "Three strokes" is ranked as "Song of the Year" for 2017.

The last evening on the Renaissance platform, on Saturday, June 29, the fire of love of the crowds with the flag of the bay will be ignited by the great Arab artist Hussein Al Jassmi. Al Jassy celebrates 15 years of creativity and is not 40 years old and has won the Golden Morax Award for Best Arab Singer and three MusicAirDS Awards. Hussein Al Jasmi contributed significantly to the spread of the UAE music culture outside the Middle East.

At the start of this special evening, the audience will meet young singer Zaynab Osama, who began her first career career at the Egyptian opera competition, won X Factor 2013 and won the ninth season of Star Academy Arab.

Important information:
18th World Rhythmic Festival from 21 to 29 June 2019

– Mohamed Reza and Caroll Samaha on the Renaissance platform on Friday (June 21st).
– Yousra Saouf and Assi El-Hellani on the Renaissance platform Saturday (June 22nd).
– Oka Weartija and Miriam Fares on the Renaissance platform on Sunday (June 23rd).
– Saad Al Sagheer and Mohamed Assaf on the Renaissance platform Monday, June 24th.
– Hamid Hadi and Ellis on Tuesday on the Renaissance platform, June 25.
– Diana Karazon and Walid Tawfiq on the Renaissance Platform, Wednesday, June 26th.
– Hasna Zagall and Rami Ayach on the Renaissance platform on Thursday (June 27th).
– Abu and Nye Drive on the Renaissance platform Friday, June 28.
– Zeinab Osama and Hussein Al Jasmi on the Renaissance platform on Saturday (June 29th).

About the Mawazine Festival – World Rhythms:

The World Festival Mawazine, which saw 2001 as a date for music lovers and fans in Morocco. With more than 2 million participants at each of its last sessions, this is the second largest cultural event in the world.
For nine days, Mawazine offers rich programming that brings together the world's largest and most popular music stars, making Rabat and Sela a place for a unique forum for the public and a selection of renowned artists.
The Mawazine festival continues its commitment to the advancement of Moroccan music, with half of its program devoted to the talents of the national art scene.
The Mawazine Festival, which holds the values ​​of peace, openness, tolerance and respect, offers free access to 90% of its concerts by making free use of a key task. In addition, the festival is considered to be the cornerstone of the regional tourism economy and a first-rate player in the real-world industry to see in Morocco.

About the Moroccan Cultural Association:

"Morocco of Crops", a non-profit organization founded in 2001, seeks first and foremost to provide cultural and artistic revival at a highly professional level commensurate with the capital of the Kingdom and with the public of Rabat-Saleh-Zemur-Zair. It also promotes the core values ​​of development policy led by His Majesty King Mohammed VI.
With the launch of the Mawazine World Rhythm Festival, in addition to various events, multidisciplinary forums, art exhibitions, concerts, and arts, the Maggreb Culture Association created the noble mission that characterized it as an active national association in the Moroccan art scene.

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