Saturday , June 19 2021

Mohamed Salah heads the cover of Toto Sport in the Debalah deal

Egyptian international Mohamed Salah released the Liverpool wing of the Italian newspaper Toto Sport near the Juventus club to Argentine star Paolo Diballa under the title "Reciprocal deal between UEFA and the Reds."

The newspaper said in a report published in the report that the administration of Juventus is seeking an agreement with Liverpool on the transfer of Mohamed Salah in exchange for the resignation of Paolo Deballa's services in addition to a financial sum of up to 50 million euros.

Salou on the cover of Tutu Sport
Salou on the cover of Tutu Sport

Mohamed Salah's name was related to the move to Juventus in the last days after announcing that Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal, gave the club leaders a green light to sign a contract with the legendary Egyptian player to replace the old lady's castle.

Mohammed Salah has already managed to enter Fiorentina and Rome, making him a target for Liverpool's European teams, which are in a two-season start with unprecedented success.

Mohamed Salah is the best golfer of the league with 17 goals, with the exception of three goals in the Champions League.

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