Monday , June 14 2021

Mohamed Salah reactivated his calculations to "Social Media" .. and here is the first published

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Liverpool's Egyptian star Mohamed Salah has reactivated his accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Entragam after shutting them up with "real communication" contradictions.

Salah published his first post-closing reaction to his bills, photographing him in front of the DHL package without writing a comment on the image, which was also posted on his Facebook and Ingram account.

"The 2019 Decision: It's Time for Real Communication," he said. During his release, Salah made tracking tactics, as some interpreted him as leaving Liverpool.


"Possible" reasons for separating Mohammed Salah from the media

The team at Liverpool is currently building a training camp in the Dubai emirate, taking advantage of the winter break in the English Premier League. In the last game before the holiday Salah scored two goals in the goal of Crystal Palace to reach its 50th goal in the English Premier League.

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