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Mozilla is revamping its Firefox logo


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August 14, 2019

The company has been released Mozilla A new beta version of his web browser with the logo Firefox The new one that comes without the word "quantum"By his name.

It's been a long time Mozilla On the logo Firefox To make it look more elegant, but the newer version is another step away from the original fox drawing around the world, although the fox's face is now more visible and his limbs are gone, but it's still easy to identify .

The new icon is scheduled to arrive later this week in version 70 of Firefox NightlyTim Mori, Mozilla's creative director, said the new logo will follow a set path and be officially available on October 20.

New design

The logo is contained in Firefox Nightly Different blue and purple color scheme and we will stick Firefox Red, orange and yellow.

From the November issue Firefox 57, Mozilla launched its browser Firefox Quantum Which was meant to accelerate Firefox To compete better Google Chrome Which dominates the browser world.

Mozilla's latest challenge is to protect its online privacy, for example by blocking websites and online ads that try to track you, especially because other browsers are behind.

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