Saturday , May 21 2022

NASA publishes a high quality image of Jupiter from a distance


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NASA has released the most accurate image of Jupiter's Hubble Space Telescope.

The high quality image showed the largest planet in our solar system, a solid color palette, according to the journal Science.

The photo was taken on June 27 as part of the Planetary Atmospheric Program and was only released this week.

They were captured by the Wide Field 3 telescope when Jupiter was 400 miles from Earth and out of the sun in the sky.

Experts say that "the details shown in the photo provide new and important evidence of the planet's atmospheric characteristics, and the most interesting features of the photo are the rich colors of the clouds as they move during the formation of a huge storm on Jupiter's surface."

They added that the color lines formed depending on the intensity of the clouds and mixing with each other, causing new colors to emerge, separated by winds at 400 mph.

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