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NASA: Send your name to Mars!

Cape Canaveral – Harmony:

While it will take years for humans to land on Mars, the US space and space ministry said people would be able to send their names to the planet.

The names sent to the chips will be drilled on Mars on a mission scheduled to launch in July 2020 to land on Mars until February 2021.

NASA will not be a human, but will have a probe to look for signs of past microbial life, as well as determine the climate and geology of the planet, gather samples and pave the way for people to study, NASA said in a press release.

The program will send names as part of a public participation campaign to highlight the many tasks planned as part of NASA's Moon to Mars initiative.

NASA aims to bring people back to the moon by 2024, explore its surface and use what it has learned to support the sending of astronauts to Mars by 2030.

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