Sunday , July 3 2022

NASA's mission to the sun has been successful


The Parker solar probe, which was launched into orbit last year last year, sent a series of data (22 GB) 50% larger than scientists expected, NASA said.

"All the expected scientific data collected during the first and second meetings is already on the ground. We know more about the nature of the operation in this environment. The team did a great job of loading," said Nicolaus Pinchin, APAR Parker Solar operational director . Data from information collected from incredible space probe tools. "

The increase in the amount of information has helped to achieve better results than expected from the telecommunications and probe telecommunication system. Additional data have unprecedented visions of the sun, including information on particles, waves, sun-notes and the solar environment.

Overcoming circumstances

The Parker space probe shone closer to the sun than any other human body, surpassing some of the most brutal conditions ever, including cosmic radiation (500 times higher than Earth's radiation), 1300 degrees Celsius, and the mighty power of the gravity of the sun, the probe also travels faster than any body made by man, moving around the star at a speed of 343 thousand km / h.

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