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New Houthi abuses are affecting the WHO team


Kitchen News Today 06-08-2019

Iranian Houthi militiamen seized computers and storage disks from a WHO team as they left the airport in Sana'a.

Sources at the aid agencies said the confiscated authorities contained information and evidence of corruption and robbery operations carried out by militias for assistance sent to Yemenis.

Former and current officials in international assistance programs said the confiscation was feared by Houthi police.

The organization's office in Yemen said that weapons from Houthi police confiscated equipment and equipment from the airport's investigation team, including seized devices, laptops and external storage drives.

The confiscated equipment contains information and evidence of theft, robbery and corruption of the Hutists through the dissemination of international aid and assistance materials to Yemen suffering from the scourge of war.

This is not the first incident. Last October, another scandal at the Sana'a airport also revealed diversion of food, medicines, fuels and money to destinations not mentioned.

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