Wednesday , May 18 2022

New York firefighters check the hard drive with over 10,000 medical records


Governmental hacking has become commonplace lately, but the New York Fire Department faces another classic problem, missing a hard drive with important management data.

According to the US Engadget website, the New York Fire Department has warned that employees' personal hard drive was lost in March, potentially exposing medical records to 10,253 patients treated by emergency services between 2011 and 2018, at risk of loss.

Although there is no evidence that anyone has accessed the data, the department is similarly handling hacking crises, notifying patients and providing credit monitoring to 3,000 patients whose social security numbers may have been compromised. An unnamed employee was granted permission to access the records and transfer them to a personal device, and the drive was reported to be lost later.

Such incidents are rare, but they are a reminder that real data security remains a serious problem. Even with unintentional losses, it may not take long for information to fall into the wrong hands when health data is of particular value to government hackers. For criminal groups, the same loss can have serious consequences.

This New York Firefighters Lose Hard Drive article includes more than 10,000 medical records (adapted from the site (Arab Yemen) and does not in any way reflect the site's policy or perspective, but responsibility for news or health is the source of the original news Yemen.

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