Wednesday , August 17 2022

On the first day of Aid al-Adha .. Know the price of the Saudi rial to the pound in all banks – Egyptian stars


In connection with the first day of Eid al-Adha 2019, we are reviewing you Price of Saudi Riyal All Egyptian banks buy and sell, especially since the Saudi Riyal is one of the most famous Arab currencies in Egypt, where searches have increased From Rial to Pound To coincide with the pilgrimage season of the last few days, he noted The price of the rial Eid's first day will stabilize at the same averages that banks closed on Thursday, coinciding with bank holidays.

The Saudi Riyal recorded EGP 4.39 for EGP 4.39, while the National Bank of Egypt recorded EGP 4.38 for EGP 4.43, while the Egyptian Bank of the Persian Gulf recorded the highest purchase price of EGP 4.41. For sale

And the latest change to Price of Saudi Riyal At Suez Canal Bank 3 days ago it bought LE 4.39 for LE 4.43 for sale, while Credit Agricole recorded LE 4.38 for LE 4.43 for sale.

Price of Saudi Riyal

Price of Saudi Riyal At all banks in Egypt, we view you through a spreadsheet automatically updated inside the banks and monitor all changes immediately, and this service comes from the desire of Egyptian stars for its visitors to keep abreast of the latest Saudi Riyal prices at banks at any time. .

record Saudi rial At the United Bank to buy 4.37 pounds for 4.43 pounds to sell, while registered with the Bank of Alexandria according to the latest update 4.37 pounds to buy for 4.42 pounds to sell.

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