Sunday , November 29 2020

Only 3.22% of the total arable land is arable

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Dr Khalid Al-Rawes, head of the President of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, chairman of the Food Security Authority, said seven obstacles are facing agriculture in the Arab world. Of the total area of ​​the Arab world.
According to the "economic", the environmental characteristics of the Arab region show limited freshwater resources where the Arab region is a region of water poverty (below 1000 m3 / person / year) due to low rainfall and high temperatures.
"Most arable land in the Arab world requires more investment in the infrastructure needed to bring these lands into the production cycle," he said.
The weakness of investments in the agricultural sector, where agricultural investment does not exceed 1% of the total investment in the Arab world, followed by the immaturity of the Arab integration agricultural policy coupled with lower wages of agricultural labor compared to other agricultural sectors, the desire to improve their standard of living and finally it hinders the application of modern technology in farming.

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