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Prices of dollars on Wednesday 17-7-2019 in all banks of Egypt last updated

We offer you Prices of the dollar today Wednesday, July 17, 2019. In all the banks in Egypt, the latest US dollar dollar is living in a situation of a slight increase in Egyptian banks two months ago, after a sharp decline in February and a price of 16 pounds during the official holiday of factories in China and stopped The import situation on which the Egyptian market is highly dependent, and we publish you through this article The course of the dollar today In all Egyptian public and private banks through an updated table when there is no change in prices, and the highest purchase price, the lowest selling price of the green currency.

Prices of the dollar on Wednesday 17-7-2019

Avarage value Prices of the dollar today In Egyptian banks between 16.58 pounds and 16.68 pounds, and testimonies The price of the dollar The cost of buying in the Arabic International Bank of England today is 16.56 pounds, and the sale price is 16.66 pounds. The dollar exchange rate today In all Egyptian banks.

The price of the dollar today in Egyptian banks

Highest purchase price: 16.57

Suez Canal Bank

The lowest price: 16.64

Bank of Alexandria

As a bankPurchase priceSale priceThe last move since then
National Bank of Kuwait (Piraeus)16.5716.66Two hours
Suez Canal Bank16.5716.6637 minutes
Bank for Industrial Development16.5616.663 days
Arab Investment Bank16.5616.666 days
Credit Agricole16.5616.66Two days
Al Baraka Bank16.5616.6621 hours
Bank of Egypt16.5616.663 days
The National Bank of Egypt16.5616.663 days
Arab-African International Bank16.5616.66Two weeks
HSBC HSBC16.5616.663 days
Egyptian Export Development Bank16.5616.66One day
Egyptian Bank of the Persian Gulf16.5616.6623 hours
National Bank of Greece16.5616.66One week
Bank for Housing and Development16.5616.66Two weeks
Bloom Bank16.5616.66One week
United Bank16.5616.664 hours
Arab International Banking Company16.5616.66Two days
Audi Bank16.5616.663 days
Bank Mashrek16.5616.663 days
National Bank of Kuwait NBK16.5616.66Two days
Banque Misr Iran development16.5516.65Two days
International Commercial Bank (CIB)16.5516.65Two hours
The Central Bank of Egypt16.5516.6723 hours
Bank of Alexandria16.5416.64Two days
Arab International Bank16.5416.64Two days
The course of the dollar today
The course of the dollar today

The price of the dollar today on the black market

Following the decision of the Central Bank of Egypt, sails dollar In February 2016, the Egyptian government took some measures and laws to eliminate the parallel market, and succeeded in doing so significantly when it happened The price of the dollar on the black market It is very close to the price in Egyptian banks, and the difference is almost non-existent, where the difference between the bank's price and the parallel market of 5 to 10 picasters, and has become a drop or rise in price At the rate of the dollar In banks.

Factors influencing the dollar prices in Egypt

The dollar's price depends on the sale or the so-called demand and supply policy where the demand and supply policy is the main mechanism for determining the dollar against the pounds in banks operating in the domestic market and the dollar is one of the most important things the Egyptian citizen wants to know is the influence of the dollar on all imported goods as well as the price of gasoline, energy and gold prices, and a large group of Egyptians working abroad transfer money into US currency to their families in Egypt. Egyptian E is expected to climb the price of the dollar in Egypt during the upcoming period, with the Ramadan season approach and Ramadan Bayram and a tide of importers to import to meet the needs of the Egyptian market operations.

Expectations of dollar status in the next period

The decline in the US dollar over the last period of around 1 pound in value and continued to decline with the increase in the supply of green currency in Egyptian banks and the lack of demand, especially since the Egyptian government wants to rely on the domestic product in manufacturing operations, and to increase the money transfers of Egyptians working abroad, the arrival is expected The price of the US dollar Up to 16 pounds or slightly lower by the end of the current 2019.

The price of the dollar

  • The current Treasury Secretary, Mohammed Moate, has announced the continued devaluation of the dollar to reduce the price of imported goods from the Egyptian government through the Treasury, the price being reduced to 16 pounds by Dr. Amr Al-Jari, a former Minister of Finance. The decision after the appointment of Dr. Mohammed Muait as Minister of Finance usually costs the dollar customs 90% of Dollar prices in banks The Egyptian.
  • New Resolution of The price of the dollar The Egyptian Ministry of Finance has decided to liberalize the dollar price of all goods falling under the category of provocative or recreational goods. The price of the goods is as follows: cigarettes, soap, toiletries, perfumes, cosmetics, household appliances, electrical and some types of fish and fruits .
The price of the dollar
The price of the dollar
The price of the dollar
The price of the dollar

Renewed: The latest news of the dollar exchange rate

  • stability The course of the dollar today Wednesday 17 / 7-2019 in most banks until the price changes to other banks where it is recorded The course of the dollar today At Al Baraka Bank on 16.56 and in EGP 16.66 Meanwhile Bank of Alexandria recorded a purchase price of 16.56 and a sale price of EGP 16.66, while the Bank of Alexandria recorded a purchase price of 16.54 EGP and a sale price of EGP 16.64. And it is affected For a price of $ 1 Many of the daily transactions and transactions are covered with gold.
  • record The course of the dollar today At the beginning of the trade 16.56 per purchase, while the selling price was set at 16.66 at the National Bank of Egypt.
  • record The course of the dollar today Commercial International Bank purchased a value of £ 16.55, while the £ 16.65 sale price in the last hour.

We welcome your comments with your expectations For the dollar rate In the next period the banks.

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