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Riyadh-Dammam Road Development Team

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Thank you for reading the news about my Amanah Al Sharqiyah: Team to develop the Riyadh-Dammam road and now we start with the details


City Council East Secretariat Meeting (today)


City Council East Secretariat Meeting (today)

City Council Secretary of the Eastern Region Abdul Hadi Al-Shammari said «Today» recommendations issued by the City Council to form a team to develop the entrance of the Riyadh-Dammam road, explained that the recommendation came after an item was submitted during a regular meeting of the City Council.

Al-Shammari explained the parties involved in developing the Riyadh-Dammam entry road if it was approved by the Eastern Region City Council Secretariat, namely: Ministry of Transportation in the Eastern Region, Eastern Provincial Secretariat, Chamber of Commerce, Cultural Association and Saudi Art, On permanent coordination between Parties through periodic meetings to learn how to develop portals to appear in decent and civilized displays that are feasible for the largest portals attract the most visitors to the eastern region, indicating that disclosure of the duration of the implementation of development projects will be after the completion of the appropriate study, Y, in terms it will make the initiative of the Board see the light in the near future – God willing -.

Package recommendations

The council issued a recommendation package to serve the people of the capital Dammam, during a routine meeting held last night, in the presence of Council President Abdul Hadi al-Shammari, and Board members.

Official City Council spokesman Mohammed Al-Otaibi said that the most prominent recommendations issued by the Council during the meeting included investigating camp distribution mechanisms and the possibility of reopening registration and location allocations for productive families in the camp area, limiting the number of cement blocks on public roads and pedestrian roads in the present and replace them with permanent berths, and to deal with the Secretariat to inquire about delays in the construction of fog stations for rainwater drainage, and the establishment of a central fish market in the port area, and paint glowing color lighting columns to warn their presence during a power outage and during the fall of Rain, the development of Khwarizmi Road west of Dammam.

The earliest

Al-Shammari and a number of Board members toured the Pangeran Nayef Road Bridge, at the intersection of Imam Ali and Dammam Roads, which cover various aspects of the project and the establishment of points and observations and the most important things that will accelerate project completion as quickly as possible. Project workers have 70 workers and the completion rate reaches 85%. All concrete is installed and the project will be delivered at the end of 2018.

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