Friday , July 30 2021

Saad Al-Hibak was honored at the ceremony of the best hundred influential personalities in the Arab world

The Supreme Committee of the International Pyramid of Creativity Festival, chaired by engineer Ahmed Yusri, honors young young artist Saad al-Hibak at the ceremony of the 100 most influential personalities in the Arab world. And the stars of art and flags.

The award ceremony was attended by a young artist, Hollow Hanney, with a large selection of artists, media figures and fashion designers including: Youssef Shaaban, Fnahina Mirna Valid, composer Mohamed Rahim, Tamer Abdel Moneym, singer Heba Yusef, singer Inas Ezzedin, fashion designer Hulod Sulayman, fashion designer Gina Sultan. The honoring ceremony was attended by Hiba Yusef and Inas Ezeldin.

Eng. Ahmed Yusri said the festival highlights the life of ancient artists who admired millions of people, honoring the names of the living and the names of those who left the world, as Egypt is the center of cinema life and dramatic play in the Arab world, And Egypt is the center of this soft power in the Arab world

As part of encouraging entrepreneurs and presenting the experience of young entrepreneurs in domestic investment in Egypt, this great international forum witnesses the presentation of respected Egyptian models of Egyptian and Arab youth and contractors of international delegations participating in the ceremony and celebrating them as the most important Egyptian models.

It is worth noting that the ceremony in honor of the 100 most influential figures in the Arab world under the auspices of the Festival of the Pyramid of International Creativity and the Honorary Presidents of the ceremony were HE.

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