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Security captures Egyptian pharmacist killers 20 minutes after crime

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«Okaz»: Security caught the killer of Egyptian pharmacists 20 minutes after the crime, citing the Egyptian website today, on Saturday 17 November 2018.

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Saudi Arabia's "Okaz" newspaper said that the presence of cameras facilitated security services to identify Egyptian pharmacist killers, and was arrested within 20 minutes of the incident, and submitted to the authorities to complete the investigation, referring to what he said that «killers suffered from psychological illness according to eyewitnesses, but he did not name the killer. "

The website confirmed that the pharmacist was transferred to the nearest private hospital but died on arrival, where he had seven stabbings, one of which was in his heart.

Witnesses on the social networking site «Facebook» said that the deceased pharmacist was harassed by the killer before the incident one day, and returned the next day carrying a knife in his hand, wearing a T-shirt and yellow hat, and shocking the pharmacist from behind after completion of delivery a customer And the doctor gave him his account, while the killer directed seven stabbing in the pharmacist's chest, abdomen and neck, who died at the "Amis" hospital two hours after the heart consultant's request to intervene, while there was no cardiologist, and when his friends tried to call another doctor from the nearest hospital, he was taken in, and the pharmacist suffered severe bleeding in the lungs and an aortic artery wound ate the heart.

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Source: Egyptian Today

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