Thursday , June 24 2021

The Depositary of the two holy mosques opens projects for the development of Riyadh worth more than 82 billion SR

The bank of the two holy swords, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, opened the projects for development of the Riyadh region during a ceremony held in Riyadh today, where he found and laid the foundations for these projects.

The total number of these projects reached 1281 projects totaling 82.2 billion rials.

The projects are divided into several sectors, including education, housing, health services, transport and roads, economic development, etc. As follows:

Educational sector: It includes universities, institutes, schools and educational support services, with a total of 166 projects worth 3.6 billion rials, As follows:

– Opening of projects: 106 projects worth 2.6 billion Rial.

– Foundation projects: 60 projects worth 970 million rials.

Housing sector: It includes projects for public housing, educational housing, military housing and infrastructure projects for housing, with a total of 15 projects worth 6.5 billion rallies, As follows:

– Opening of projects: 9 projects worth 1.7 billion rial.

– Foundation projects: 6 projects worth R8.8 billion.

Health Services Sector: It includes hospitals, medical settlements, laboratories, primary care centers, Red Crescent centers and health services with a total of 43 projects worth 11.6 billion rupees, As follows:

– Opening of projects: 34 projects worth 790 million rials.

– Foundation projects: 9 projects worth 10.8 billion rials.

Transport and Roads Sector: Including roads, airports and public navigation projects, with a total of 363 projects worth 7.6 billion rials, As follows:

– Opening of projects: 283 projects worth R8.8 billion.

– Foundation projects: 80 projects worth 2.8 billion rials.

Economic Development Sector: And includes trade, industry, agriculture and tourism, with a total of 66 projects worth 10.3 billion rials, As follows:

– Opening of projects: 53 projects worth 9.7 billion rials.

– Foundation projects: 13 projects costing 743 million rials.

Public Services Sector: The project includes electricity, telecommunication, drinking water, sewerage, purified and groundwater, rainwater drainage and utilities, with a total of 315 projects costing 40 billion rials. The following:

– Opening of projects: 260 projects worth 31.5 billion rials.

– Foundation projects: 55 projects worth 8.5 billion rials.

General Services Sector: It includes environmental, social, administrative and municipal services, security, mosques, cultural and sporting services, with a total of 313 projects worth 2.3 billion rials, As follows:

– Opening of projects: 176 projects amounting to 1.2 billion Rial.

– Foundation projects: 137 projects worth 1.1 billion Rial.

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