Thursday , May 19 2022

The first episode of the Osman Osman series and the main episode of the first episode


The first episode of the Osman Resurrection Many people from all countries follow the Arterelle series from the first season to the fifth season. In the last episode of the fifth season, the announcement of the historical series, complementing the Artegrel series, Osman Resurrection series that increased demand in the previous days, will be followed by Events with you through our news in the Nile.

Osman Resurrection series Historical series complementary to Arthagarlo's resurrection series, which was advertised in the last episode of the fifth season The last episode that ended the scattering of the fifth season after the Ottoman Empire after the confrontation of the Cross and the Tatars Novo is to mention that the invader Arthurl and his children in the historical series The Resurrection of Osman makes the power of the state and the history of Osman Resurrection New States and the expansion of the state and its borders.

The date of the first series of Osman resurrection

The first episode of the series will be shown in mid-September or the first week of October and is expected to be shown on the same channels as were shown in the ArtGirl series and will be mentioned below and will be shown at the same time. Heroes of the Osman Osman Series It is worth mentioning that this series is shared by the artist Burak Ozigetti, who is loved by many people, especially girls, he attracts their attention and the representativeness is prone to reality, takes part in the series of blind love before the Turkish artist Neslihan Atagol, which was one of the most watched series in the history of Turkish soap operas and participated in the series Hareem Sultan.

Events from Osman Osman Series

We saw a boy brave Osman bin invader Ertugrul in five seasons and now who is going to take the throne after his father, it should be noted that the invader Ertugrul became Kahala and get sick and sit on his deathbed and recommended his sons to expand the Ottoman empire and protect its people and Musbando Persians and Romans and Crusaders Resolute and stiffness and guardians to strengthen the army.

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