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The latest gold prices today in Egypt


Gold price on Tuesday, August 13, 2019, gold prices fell in the morning after dropping 5 pounds a gram in the middle of trading on Tuesday, after rising 20 grams in gram with the start of trading and the price of gold carats from £ 21 to £ 700 in mid-trade versus £ 705 in. Today, the price of 18 carat gold has dropped to 600 pounds against 604 pounds, the price of 24 carat gold to 800 pounds, the price of gold has reached 5600 pounds. .

Gold prices jumped 20 pounds early in the day, affected by rising metal prices globally, with gold prices falling to record ounces to about $ 1512 against $ 1531.6 in early trading, and gold prices changing daily, where the price of gold rises one day and falls another day, this is due to several reasons, including that the price of gold in Egypt and around the world is determined by several factors, including investor trends, the dollar price, the gold reserve in the central banks like it and the prices of oil and the state of supply and demand for yellow metal.

Continuous tracking of the price of gold today in Egypt and the price of gold today in dollars by table includes all gold prices today in Egypt, in addition to the price of world gold, the price of gold carat 24 Egyptian pounds and also the price of gold in dollars and the price of the gold pound today.

The Misr 365 site, in its next report, a table of the latest gold prices on the market, of different caliber, and the changes that occur, whether these changes increase or decrease in the price of gold, and any new developments on the gold market any time the table includes an update Intraday gold prices of 18-carat, 21-carat, 24-carat, as well as the price of the pound, the price of an ounce.

unity Price of Egyptian Pound Gold
Gold prices can vary from store to store
Caliber 24 784 to 789
Caliber 22 719 to 723
Caliber 21 686 to 690
Caliber 18 588 to 591
Caliber 14 457 to 460
Caliber 12 392 to 394
ounce 24,382 to 24,525
The golden pound 5,488 to 5,520
kilogram 784,000 to 788,571


Average gold prices in Egypt today

unity Egyptian Pound USD
Carat of Gold 24 801,36 EGPEGP $ 48.38
The price of a gold carat is 22 734.58 EGPEGP $ 44.35
Carat of Gold 21 701.20 EGPEGP $ 42.33
Gold prices are 18 carats 601.03 EGPEGP $ 36.29
The price of gold is 14K 467.46 EGPEGP $ 28.22
The price of a gold carat 12 400.68 EGPEGP $ 24.19
The price of gold is 9 carats 300.51 pounds $ 18.14
Gold ounce prices 24,922 pounds $ 1,505
Prices of gold pounds 5,610 kg $ 338.66
Gold prices today 801.357 pounds $ 48 379

Gold is a safe haven used by many people to keep gold and gold reserves, and the price of gold is determined by the supply and demand policy, and the decline over the current period Gold prices continue to decline today as stability is over three days for all calibers, both caliber 24, caliber 21 and caliber 18 ”.

The average price of gold in Egypt over the last few days in Egyptian Pounds

today Caliber 24 Caliber 21
August 11 788,99 690,39
August 10 788,99 690,39
August 9 797,14 697,51
August 8 799,76 699,81
August 7 799,27 699,38
August 6 784,97 686,86
August 5 779,82 682,36
August 4 766,58 670,77
August 3 766,58 670,77
August 2 768,31 672,29
August 1 769.05 672,94
July 31 761,68 657.05
July 30 762.14 666,89
July 29 760,18 665,27
July 28 755,67 661,23
July 27 755,67 661,23
July 26 757,18 662,55
July 25 754,03 659,79
July 24 761,66 666,47
July 23 757,73 663.03
July 22nd 761.01 665,90
July 21 760,96 665,86

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Gold metal

Attempts to explore gold continue to this day, with international reports showing that demand for gold prospectors is increasing significantly and especially noticeable to ordinary individuals and mining activity is constantly under the control of States, until States authorize mines to be leased to Persons, and civil societies have different treaties and charters in this respect from one country to another.

Official estimates show that the total amount of gold discovered by humans after Earth's civilizations is approximately 4,970 billion ounces of gold, equivalent to 155,000 tons of gold ore.

Gold is a rare and durable metal and has been of high value throughout history. Gold is available in many different places where many people dig gold underground or wash rivers in the sand to find gold.

The price of gold today

Gold prices today in Egypt, the Egypt 365 site provides real-time updates and tracking of gold prices as in jewelry stores in the Arab Republic of Egypt, in addition to tracking the global price of gold.

Gold is the cause of many conflicts and wars throughout human history, such as gold being the primary motive behind the invasion of Romania by the British state in the first century, and gold was the reason for the invasion of Romanian "Transylvania", known during modern times. an era like Romania in the second century AD.

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