Monday , September 26 2022

# The Ministry of Health provides food for patients "as appropriate" at the hospital


Riyadh – The Ministry of Health announced the continuation of the distribution of gluten-free food products to patients with wheat allergies at distribution points in ministry hospitals in the regions and governorates.

The ministry asks all sleeping patients or outpatient clinics or home care who do not have gluten-free products to visit the relevant ministry hospitals with drainage as the first stage in the Kingdom area and governorate to benefit from them,
He pointed out that it is possible to find out which hospitals are distributing gluten-free products by visiting the link
This disease is caused by the presence of alpha-gliadins in grains (wheat, barley, oat, corn), which affects the digestion and absorption of these products containing gluten and loss of body. Vitamins and minerals and calories, which eventually lead to malnutrition for infected people despite adequate food intake.

He pointed out that the only treatment for this category is to eat gluten-free food products, and without these products there could be complications from patients such as discarding, malnutrition, cancer and death – God forbid.

The Wheat Allergy Program at the Directorate General of Nutrition at the Ministry of Health is currently preparing for the production and design of free health awareness electronic applications under the title "Health without Sliac". The aim is to improve the prevention and nutritional guidance of patients with wheat allergy. Healthy diet suitable for health , quality and quantity, and to increase their knowledge of gluten-free health food and ways to obtain it and contribute to protecting them from malnutrition and other food-related diseases.

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