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The price of the dollar against the Sudanese pound on the black market


The dollar price against the Sudanese pound todayThe Sudanese pound is still exposed to daily fluctuations in the black market. Nearly a year ago, following the Sudanese government's decision to liberalize the pound exchange rate at banks and the subsequent rise in prices of various foreign currencies on the official market and Sudanese banks, informally.

As well as the high prices of petroleum products, in which the conversion of the US dollar and the Saudi rial and the Egyptian pound and various Arab and foreign currencies, which increase citizens' demands for the purchase of goods sold and purchased, and achieve huge profits for the parallel market traders.

The dollar price against the Sudanese pound today on the black market

A few months ago, the government decided to fully liberalize the Sudanese pound exchange rate. This price must be set by a commission set up by the Central Bank, stockbrokers and economic experts, which has led to a rise in the dollar in Sudanese banks and the black market. Sudan on the black market today as follows

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Foreign currency The price against the Sudanese Pound on the black market
The price of the US dollar 63.00 Sudanese Pounds
Saudi rial 16.80 Sudanese Pounds
The price of the euro 70.56 Sudanese pounds
UAE Dirham Course 17.26 Sudanese Pounds
The exchange rate for the Qatari Riyal 17.29 Sudanese Pounds
The price of the pound 76.23 Sudanese Pounds
Egyptian Pound 3.79 Sudanese Pounds
Kuwaiti dinars Sudanese pounds
Rial Omani prices 155.93 Sudanese pounds
Prices of Bahraini dinars 145.26 GBP
Prices of Libyan dinars 33.12 Sudanese Pounds
Australian dollar exchange rates 33.34 Sudanese Pounds

The Civil Aviation Authority clarifies that the Sudanese pound has been abandoned

Announced in a press release issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, published by the official news agency SANA, that its role is only to follow the implementation of the laws governing aviation and air navigation, and not within its mandate to determine the cost of the Sudanese pound in the domestic markets, the role assigned by the mechanism of the market industry, the Central Bank of Sudan and a group of traders.

The Civil Aviation Authority, in a statement, also condemned the difference in the dollar price in Sudan against the pound when airline tickets are sold by companies. Some of them set the dollar price at 150 pounds and others at 200 or 250 Sudanese pounds without following the monetary policy adopted by the banking sector.

Reasons for the Sudanese Pound to rise against the dollar and foreign currencies

Some foreign exchange traders in the parallel market have said that the recent rise in the Sudanese pound against various foreign currencies, especially the US dollar, is directly due to the change in the Sudanese government and the isolation of President Omar al-Bashir, which has had a direct impact on monetary and economic policy. and caused a noticeable state of confusion With traders and holders of foreign currency and everyone is waiting for what will be the result of political changes at the economic level.

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