Monday , September 16 2019
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The shocking news of Huawei

Chinese electronics company Huawei Technologies has decided to lift the rollout of the new generation of laptops and may soon announce its release from the laptop market due to US restrictions on Huawei, according to media reports.

"Huawei has recently asked laptop component suppliers to stop deliveries and stop laptops," sources said, citing sources related to the Chinese supplier chain.

Technological site Notchbeck also confirmed the reports later, citing industry sources that Huawei has canceled orders for the 16-inch laptop screen, indicating that the company is gradually shutting down. ,

US President Donald Trump's administration has decided to impose sanctions on Huawei, including preventing US companies from dealing with them without prior permission from the US Department of Commerce, which means that Huawei will not be able to get many Technology companies such as Qualcomm, Intel, Google, and Microsoft.

Huawei is highly dependent on US notebook PCs, and the laptop is run by Microsoft's Windows operating system and uses Intel's chip production in America.



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