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The strongest signal of Nilesat's New Birds Frequency 2019

Frequency of Birds of Paradise, followed by millions of children of different ages, officially launched in 2008 to launch the launch of the first specialized satellite channels for children in the broadcast of various children's texts.

The frequency of the channel of new birds of paradise

Since the launching of the channel by founder Khaled Mechdad and his band, and his five children, Mutasim Bilah Mekdad, Valid Micked, Jana and finally Gad and Iyad, and his wife Marva Hamad, are involved in some songs that are emitted by Bibi birds , and by the Wild Birds.

frequency coding of goods polarization
11315 27500 3/4 vertically
11785 27500 3/4 vertically
11258 27500 horizontal

What are the programs of the Wild Birds?

The Channel is based in Jordan, based in Bahrain and famous in Saudi Arabia, where the band performs a number of concerts in Medina and a number of other cities.

Birds offer a number of special programs.

  • The House of Hajj Program and presented by Khaled Mechdad.
  • Sports program in sport.
  • Jadoo Eyad Program.
  • The Little House Six program, as well as its progress, is made by Mekdad and is available through some simple recipes.
  • Treasure Program.
  • Shams program to skip.

The Channel also offers a number of distinctive songs that have long-lasting exposure across the screen and still maintain their success with millions of Arab channel followers.

Origin of the founder of the Wild Birds

As we mentioned to the followers of the Arabian web site Fife founder of the Birds Paradise Canal, and the baby's baby is Khaled Mikdad Muslim religion, and born in Kuwait, he has a Jordanian nationality.

Founder of Birds of Paradise is dedicated to the decoration where Manhedes Decoration, a Palestinian citizen who founded the Bibi Bird Channel and Paradise, both has a large audience that teaches young people a lot of information and children's songs throughout the day.

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