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The Times of the Arab World The hot air block is reflected in the middle of the week of Levant

Weather in Levant and Egypt:

Moderate summer weather on Saturday with a low draw in Lebanon, the Syrian coast and Palestine.

  • Weather is expected to remain moderate on Saturday in most areas of Lebanon, Palestine and West Jordan to parts of Western Syria.
  • Weather is relatively warm in Damascus, Syria Badia, Jordan and most of Egypt.
  • For the greater part of the day, low clouds appear over the Syrian coast and Lebanon, while the clouds appear in the morning in Palestine and parts of northern Jordan.
  • The weather in Levant remains pleasant during the night hours (cold weather in the high mountain regions, especially early in the morning and early morning hours).
  • Active wind winds are expected in the Suez Bay and surrounding areas.
  • The region is expected to become more vulnerable to hot air masses by the middle of the new week, with temperatures clearly rising.

Weather in the Gulf states:

  • Active winds on Saturday on the Red Sea. Continuous winds, but relatively weaker than the last days
  • On the shores of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia there are active winds that destroy the sea and cause dust on coastal areas.
  • Moderate winds continue to thrive, sometimes in Iraq and Kuwait to parts of Central and Eastern Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and parts of Qatar, but are relatively less intense than in the last few days.
  • Humidity is expected to rise overnight in the UAE and southern Oman, and humidity will expand to parts of Qatar and Bahrain on Saturday night.
  • The heat on Saturdays and Sundays is relatively lower than in most Gulf capitals, but temperatures are expected to rise again on Monday.
  • The thunderstorms continue afternoon and afternoon in the western mountains of Yemen.

Weather in Maghreb:

  • Moderate weather on the northern coast of Algeria. The gradual increase in the impact of heat wave on the interior of Tunisia and Algeria is accompanied by active dust winds.
  • Temperatures remain moderate on Saturday on the northern coast of Algeria, the northern Tunisia, some Libyan coasts and the coasts of the Kingdom of Morocco, with high humidity at night.
  • The warm climate controls large parts of the interior of Algeria and Tunisia, with a gradual increase in the impact of heat waves on these areas in the coming days, amid the outbreak of southern dust and dust winds.
  • Next week, temperatures will rise as hot air continues to flow from the Sahara desert to the north.

Time in the World:

  • Storms are heavy on a local level, accompanied by colds, floods and rising water levels, including the Balkans, Italy, the Alps, the southern parts of Germany and western France.
  • Thunder clouds on various parts of the trip, with local colds and possible floods.
  • Temperatures remain soft throughout the continent on Saturday, but are expected to be hit by hot air masses that come from the Sahara, which are gradually warming up in different parts of the continent this week, especially in France, Spain and Italy.
  • At the same time, a low-impact impact on Ireland and the coasts of Portugal and Spain in the Atlantic Ocean is expected on Sunday, accompanied by heavy rainfall.
  • Strong seasonal thunderstorms in different parts of southern and western India due to the continuing monsoon winds.
  • United States: Strong thunder on Saturday with a warning of repressive hurricanes in the States of Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana to Georgia and Alabama.
  • On Saturday in Western Australia, Matera's powerful front is expected.

Weather and expected temperatures in Arab capitals and cities on Friday 21-6-2019:

Maximum temperature in Oman: 30 °

Amman's minimum temperature: 16 °

The Big Temperature in Al – Cuddas al – Sharif: 27 °

Minimum temperature in Jerusalem: 19 ° C

Today's Day in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia:

Maximum temperature in Riyadh: 39 ° C

Minimum temperature in Riyadh: 25 °

Big temperature in Beirut: 28 °

Beirut's lowest temperature: 23 °

The great temperature in Damascus: 34 °

Minimum temperature in Damascus: 17 °

Big temperature in Baghdad:

The lowest temperature in Baghdad: 27 °

The great temperature in Kuwait: 43 °

Minimum temperature in Kuwait: 33 °

Big temperature in Manama: 37 °

Minimum temperature in Manama: 32 °

Big Manama temperature: 35 °

Minimum temperature in Manama: 32 °

Big temperature in Doha: 43 °

Minimum temperature in Doha: 29 °

High temperature in Muscat: 35 °

Minimum temperature in Muscat: 30 °

The great temperature in Sanna: 28 °

The minimum temperature in Sanna: 16 °

Maximum temperature in Cairo: 37 °

Minimum temperature in Cairo: 23 °

Big temperature in Mogadishu: 28 °

The minimum temperature in Mogadishu: 26 °

Temperature in: Djibouti: 40 °

Temperature in: Djibouti: 34 °

Maximum hose temperature: 38 ° C

Minimum temperature in Khartoum: 30 ° C

High temperature in Tripoli: 39 °

The minimum temperature in Tripoli: 27 °

Today's Tunisian Tunisian:

High temperature in the city of Tunisia: 33 °

Minimum temperature in the city of Tunisia: 21 °

High temperature in Algiers: 25 °

Minimum temperature in Algeria: 20 °

Big temperature in Rabat: 22 °

Minimum temperature in Rabat: 15 °

High temperature in Nouakchott: 33 °

Minimum temperature in Naucchot: 23 °

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