Monday , July 26 2021

The value of trading on the stock market declined to LE 6.2 billion during the week ended

The total value of trade on the Egyptian Stock Exchange fell to LE 6.2 billion over the past week, while trading volume totaling around 1413 million was executed at 151 thousand transactions, compared with a total trade value of 8.9 billion pounds, and trading volume of 1043 million executed on 118 thousand transactions last week.

On the other hand, the Nile Stock Exchange (NILEX) witnessed LE 4.7 million total turnover, trading volume reached 10.57 million transactions in 827 transactions during the week ended. Sales accounted for 83.79% of the total trading value in the cabin. , According to a weekly report from the Egyptian stock exchange.

The total trade of listed companies is distributed between 3394 million pounds in the main index of stock exchange volume of 868 million executed securities, 77 thousand transaction transactions, and trading value at EGX70 around 1514 million pounds, circulation volume of 415 million securities executed through 56 thousand transactions , and the trade value of "EGX 100" around 4908 million pounds of trading volume of 1283 securities executed through 133 thousand transactions.

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