Sunday , June 20 2021

Trump's favorite journalist admits he has not washed his hands in 10 years

The following is a convincing proof that external appearances and what we see in public are not necessarily real, and that some people can not expect it after Betty Higgs, the Fox & Friends vendor, who is the favorite of President Donald Trump, that he has not washed his hands for more than 10 years. Higgset thought microbes "not a real thing."
According to the Arab Post's website, quoting The Guardian, the famous American operator may have angered Donald Trump, who is known for his microbial fear. The episodes of his recently released show, "He has not washed his hands after a decade."
This strange recognition came during a debate in the US program about eating pizza left over from the refrigerator for a whole day, which Higgs sees no problem. "I have not been washing my hands for almost a decade," he said.
In an attempt to justify this, he explained the reason: "Microbes are not real, I can not see them, so they are not real." Later in these strange and shocking confessions, Fox & Friends, who published tweets on Monday (February 11th), is largely controversial. He was joking, then went back and said he had no problem drinking with water hoses and bicycle helmets without protection.
It should be noted that some of the previous reports show that Betty Higgs, who served in the US National Guard in Iraq, is Donald Trump's favorite candidate for Veterans Affairs leadership. If he takes office, he will be responsible for the health of 20 million Americans.

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