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Watch Al Ahli live stream and inform Libra Kura Star Time Match Yalla Shot Al Ahli match against instructed Libra Sudanese direct hit hit the beam


Live streaming link Watch Al Ahli's match The Sudanese team will play the African Champions League in the first match of the 2019 African Champions League as the Horn of Africa strives to score the most goals and determination. Things are up early, watch al Ahli and Libra live matches without cutting off the yalla shot.

match alahly live today live
match alahly live today live

She ate a shot Ahli and informs the live broadcast of Libra On Sport, Al-Ahli vs. Brahm Star Soccer, Martin Lasarte hopes to provide a good performance against a relatively easy opponent, especially since the match will be held at Borg El Arab Stadium and players will try to move forward in the current version of the tournament to please their fans, refreshed after winning the local title, ie. We watch you watch the Ahli match and see Libra Bark live through the high quality Sport Channel screen.

Al Ahli Match and Libra Live

The African Union Refereeing Committee has revealed Uganda's referees, who will be in charge of the game management, arena referee Brian Miro and will be assisted by both Okelo and Musa Ngobi, and the fourth official will be Alex Mohabi.

Live broadcast Ahli and informed Libra filmed Shot

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We have a live broadcast of the match Al-Ahli and have informed Libra and it will start at 7:00 pm Cairo, all best wishes for the players to win.

Al Ahli's African journey begins in the presence of a crowd of more than ten thousand fans to support his opponents, especially after winning the Premier League title after strong rival MG traditional rivals Zamalek give a big moral boost.

The analytical studio of the match for Al Ahli began and saw live Libra live Yalla Shot clarifying the technical issues of landowners and Sudanese hero

Al-Ali's official staff are: Goalkeepers: Ali Lofi, Defender: Mohammed Hani, Ayman Ashraf, Rami Rabiyah, Ali Maalul, Al-Usat: Amr Al-Suleya and Hamdi Fatty, Half: Hussein Al-Shahat, Saleh Juma, Ramadan Subhi and in the attack: Valid Azazza,

A few minutes later, Yalla Shot will start Al Ahly's live game without cutting as players descend into the green rectangle to warm up.

  • The referee blew the whistle at the start of watching al-Ahli and directly informed Libra and negative equality was still present on the pitch.
  • A penalty awarded to Al Ahli after a distinguished dribble by Amr Al Sulliy of the visitors' defender, who intervened violently, and Maul took the task of scoring successfully in the 16th minute.
  • A charming pass from Saleh Juma to Walid Azzaro, but the ball continues for the striker to leave the pitch.
  • The second goal for Al – Ahli through Azzaro after a special effort on Hussein Shahat and pointing the ball at the gold plate for the striker.
  • The end of the first half and only two goals unanswered at many missed opportunities.
  • Perfect opening second half after Valid Azzaro finished the hat trick with a powerful header to make it 3-0.
  • Hamdi Fatty hit the ball from a distance, but collided with a cannon that informed Libra and crossed safely to the door.
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