Sunday , August 1 2021

Watch Halima Boland, new beauty for her face

halima bouland

After a new change in his face through the addition of two clips, Kuwaiti media player Halima Boland followed up with new photos from inside the dentist's office, making drastic changes to his teeth.

On his page, Boland reviewed the application of new teeth that changed his laughter and became compatible with the two video clips previously announced at Snape Chat. He thanked the doctor who performed cosmetic surgery and described it as "drawing my smile" New ".

On the other hand, he was subjected to many sarcastic comments after a video posted during his stay in Austria, where he appeared to explain to his followers about World War I, referring to the bridge that the Austrian Crown Prince passed in 1914 for murder and causing war, However, his movements and wonder prompted many people to follow him to ridicule them.
The pioneers of the media site interacted with the spontaneous and humorous part, where Boland looked surprised as if he had learned about it for the first time, and gave him many sarcastic and tragic comments.

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