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Water and life on two planets close to Earth


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Two Earth-like planets are only 12 light-years away, orbiting a faint star that may contain liquid water and possibly a life form, astronomers have revealed, according to Sky News.

The planets revolve around a star known as Tigarden orbiting a life-sustaining zone, such as the Earth orbiting the Sun, discovered by the Talar Alto Observatory in Spain in June.

According to scientific reports in the press, the two planets orbiting the Tigerden star, 12.5 light-years from Earth, are well suited for the presence of liquid water on their surface to provide the necessary atmosphere for them.

According to scientists, the planets "B" and "C" of the star "Tigard" can support the presence of water on them, even if they do not know the shape of their atmosphere.

Scientists say that even if the planet's atmosphere is relatively thin compared to the Earth's atmosphere or much thicker, these two worlds can still be viable and water exist.

The two planets that follow Tigarden were first discovered in June 2019 by what is known as the Carmenis Survey at Talar Alto Observatory.


Tigarden, named after NASA astrophysicist Bonard Tigardon, is a red dwarf star whose rays and energy are few in comparison to our sun.

The planets orbit very close to their star, which means that the same side of each planet is always facing Tigger, knowing that planet B orbits the star once every 5 days, until the star cycle is completed every 11 days.

Some scientists argue that a phenomenon called "tide and tide lock" can accompany the two planets, the same phenomenon that keeps the near side of the moon facing the Earth, which means guaranteeing the continuation of the tides, which helps to the existence of life is maintained because this type of atmosphere is necessary for the presence of liquid water on them and thus promotes the existence of life.

But NASA astrophysicist Jesse Kristianensen, who did not participate in this study in New Scientist, confirmed that tidal and tidal planets could create obstacles to life.

She explained that some experts believe that the existence of the "day and night" cycle is vital for living beings, which cannot be tested in a world that always maintains the same aspect that its star faces.

In addition, "blocking tides" could limit the magnetic field of the planet, meaning that these bodies will be more vulnerable to harmful radiation than their receiving star, she said.

But despite these concerns, "the two planets orbiting the Tigar are very exciting," said Christiansen, noting that they will study them for some time and explore the possibilities of liquid water on them.

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