Wednesday , May 18 2022

What is the sweetest blond: Nadine Najim or Haifa Wehbe? – Photos


Nadine Nasib Neim and Haifa Wehbe are two of the most beautiful women in the Arab world.

But Nadine Nasib Neim surprised his audience by changing the color of his dark black hair to light blond that changed to another human being.

Najim and attached the photo with a comment in which she said: (I didn't know much about the present, but Habit very much, and continued: "What role should I play".

But the heroine of the series (five and a half) is not the only performer who changed her hair color from dark to light blonde; she was preceded by fellow star Haifa Webe, who had previously tried blonde pink, as well as light blonde in your Ramadan series (Curse of Karma).

The choice remains for the reader, from the most beautiful blonde hair artist: Nadine Nasib Najim or Haifa Wehbe?

Haifa Wehbe
Haifa Wehbe
Nadine Nasib Neim

Suleiman Barnawi-Algeria

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