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When is cough dangerous for your health? … Learn the reason

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CAIRO – By Mohammed Salah, the average cough lasts two to three weeks and usually does not cause serious physical damage, but be careful when coughing turns into a hard cough.

Coughing is the rapid expulsion of air from the lungs to clear the mucous throat and trachea, foreign molecules, fluids, microbes and various irritants.

According to the site " Health24 "Coughing can sometimes affect your health in unexpected ways. Apart from references to diseases such as tuberculosis and some cancers, chronic cough can cause social shame, disrupt sleep patterns, and cause headaches and incontinence.

How heavy coughing affects health

A persistent, hard cough can cause "structural" damage to your body:

1. Muscle pain

Continuous coughing can cause chronic muscle pain. Every time you cough, strong pressure is generated, which can filter the muscles and cause pain.

2. Broken ribs

Fractures caused by chronic cough occur mainly in women, and central ribs are mostly affected along the sides. Low bone density is a risk factor, but rib fractures caused by coughing can also occur in people with normal bone density.

3. Damage to small blood vessels

A hard cough causes small blood vessels to explode (in the anus and nose, for example), causing bleeding.

4. Diaphragmatic disorders

During breathing movements, the diaphragm is pushed upward while the ribs are pushed inward downward, sometimes conflicting procedures can cause rupture of cases of chronic cough.

5. Abdominal hernias

Although damage to the abdominal wall after a rare cough, it may require surgical intervention, tends to occur in patients with chronic bronchitis. However, it is easy to detect abdominal hernias caused by coughing.

6. Tissue damage in the throat

Continuous coughing can cause inflammation of the larynx, which can cause the risk of infection to other parts of the body.

7. Coughing with blood

If you cough up a small amount of bright red blood or saliva and frozen blood, it usually shows blood from the lungs due to a prolonged cough or chest infection.

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