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WWE LIVE on Monday's live show Summerslam 2019 – Summerslam 2019 and all Samar Salam fights on Monday, the second day of Eid al-Adha, and fans of the free-fight fight are eagerly awaiting around the world in anticipation of the Summer 2019 tournament is hosting this year in Canada, especially Toronto and in the presence of more than 800,000 fans at the Air Canada Center and organized with a strong organization as we were used to at WWE, you can now get all the information on the Summer Peace 2019 date today and the Summerslam 2019 performances and fights and of course the Summer Heroes Salam that follow Ilium and WMV Ajay, who surpassed all expectations and of course the upcoming confrontation Brock Lesnar against Seth Rollins compete for this year's championship belt after Brock Lesnar get it.

Samar Salam Championship 2019

Summerslam 2019 is scheduled for Monday

The new Samar Salam 2019 season will be held on Monday, August 12 from 11:00 pm It's one in the morning Egyptian time, Two in the morning Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, Qatar, Syria, Lebanon and IraqThree in the morning Time for the UAE and Oman and follow your moment of momentum Summerslam 2019 events through our Arab4News website.

Open channels broadcasting the Summerslam 2019 tournament

Many channels in the Middle East are constantly trying to get the right to broadcast Samar Salam 2019 after the resonance that occurred when he stayed in Saudi Arabia last year, and Summerslam 2019 was broadcast this year via AFN Sports 1/2 USA Open Sports that we showed you.

Summerslam 2019

There are many strong fights that will take place today at Summerslam 2019 in Canada, as we mentioned specifically in the beautiful city of Toronto, and the Summer Peace 2019 tournament takes place today at the Air Canada Center and here are the specific descriptions for the Summerslam 2019 tournament on Monday:

  • Drew Gulak vs Uni Lorkin in Medium title
  • Bailey vs. Amber Moon in SmackDown title for ladies
  • Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMan in Individual struggle
  • Becky Lynch vs. Natalia in Rao's title for the ladies
  • Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziegler in Individual struggle
  • Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins in Universal title
  • Charlotte Flair vs. Teresh Strats in Individual struggle
  • Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton in WWE title
  • IJ Styles v. Recoche in US Title
  • Bray White vs. Finn Balore in Individual struggle

Summerslam 2019 offers

WWE LIVE is live for mobile

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Live Summerslam 2019

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