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Yemen .. From Abu Dhabi to Monica Levinski!



Yemen .. From


For the benefit of others, the Yemenis, not just them, used the name of cars.

Then Laila Alavi appeared in the racing circuit, where she was launched on Toyota models in the 1990s and remained so until the last models in 2000, when Monica Levinski took the flag from Laila Alawi and sat on the throne of cars in Yemen.

It appears that the designation of car models is designed to distinguish them in a way that, not without wit and humor, "popular" interacts with political and technical developments and may come from the design of car models and their exterior.

The topic of this phenomenon says that the Arabs are creative in describing women and likening them to honey, cream and Persians in various Arab societies, adding that when you wanted to buy a Land Cruiser in Yemen after 2005, you had to decide if you wanted to Laila Alawi or her new competitor Monica Levinski.

Source: RT

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