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Yousra breaks her silence and reveals the reality of her image within the kindergarten and the loss of Elham Shaheen


Yousra breaks her silence and reveals the truth of her image inside



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Egyptian actress Yusra has come out of silence about the controversy surrounding her image with Elham Shahin and the media Hala Sarkhan and the evacuation of the kindergarten at the Prophet's mosque in Medina.

Yusra denied social media on Tuesday, saying the photo was taken during the worship of the Prophet's tomb and turned out to be a separate photo, emphasizing: "Kindergarten did not open us."

"No one was kind to the regime," Yusra said in an interview with the Saudi newspaper.

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Three Egyptian stars perform Hajj (photo)

She praised the efforts of Saudi guards during the pilgrimage, revealing that her colleague Ilham Shahin had been lost as security guards found her in record time despite the large number of pilgrims.

Yousra traveled to Saudi Arabia after her mother's death less than a month ago to perform a Hajj this year on her behalf, along with artist Ilham Shahin and media Khala Sarhan, said: "After my mother's death, he refused to leave me on peace because of his fatigue. "

It is noteworthy that a number of artists traveled this year to perform the worship, most notably Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi, Yusra and Elham Shahin, Hala Sarhan and Majeed Masri, Egyptian singer Ahmed Saad and Egyptian actress Amal Riz.

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