Wednesday , May 18 2022

(05 photos) Eudoxi Yao finds his new lover … the declaration of love that makes the canvas laugh!


For some time, Guinean singer Grand P has made people talk about him. He was able to win hearts not through his seductive powers but through his songs that the Guineans liked. The man with only a few feet and a few pennies has become the new favorite on social networks.

However, his popularity sometimes drives him to certain excesses. While recently participating in the show Faha Faha of the ivory he was invited to, Grand P did not fail to declare his love for the famous cat of Ivoria Eudoxi Yao. He did not hide that he liked the woman with ghostly curves.

The Grand P even went further, letting him know that he would take revenge on Eudoxie Yao after his attack in Paris. No doubt in Grand P's eyes "A small hammer that breaks a large pebble"As if to say that although it is very small in size, he will be able to avenge Eudoxie Yao.

It has to be said that Grand P is not the only celebrity that lends itself to the charm of Eudoxie Yao. The twists and turns of this Ivory Coast of Ivory Coast are stirring thousands of hearts in Ivory Coast and around the world. So it is no surprise if she manages to beat the heart of a Guinean star by Grand P Hour.

So far, Eudoxi Yao has not responded to the sympathetic statements of the Guinean singer, who is currently recording in his country with his songs.

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