Sunday , July 3 2022

(05 photos) Singer artist Baaba Maal celebrates Tabaski in Jena


Old tradition respected. As usual, since 1985, singer Baaba Maal has been celebrating Tabaski in Jena, in the Rufisk department (Dakar region), where he has lived for thirty years.

Dande Lenol's vocal presenter celebrates the religious festival in this municipality in the eastern end of the Dakar region, heading for Mbur. After the prayer, Imam El Hadji Asan Kaya seized the opportunity to express his gratitude to Baaba Maal, who, in his opinion, had always been a respected neighbor who continued to motivate and accompany the youth of the area.

For his part, Baaba Maal congratulated himself for following the tradition: "I do it with great pleasure, because here I am perfectly integrated. One connects me with everything that is done and it goes to me. Right to my heart. an opportunity to wish all the Muslim community, especially those here and the surrounding villages, a happy birthday, "he said.

The artist then sacrificed himself to the tradition by sacrificing a white ram for the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim.

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