Sunday , July 3 2022

A letter attributed to Guy Marius Sagna: Such a strange mail


During his visit to the Dantec Hospital yesterday for the admission of the Special Pavilion, Malik Sol, Justice Minister, Justice Minister, was arrested on an alleged letter that activist Guy Marius Sagna would send to the prison director of the prison to deny the conditions of detention. He states that he has received the letter and states that "the direction of the Prison Administration will be seized and it will respond." Inspector Cheikh Ahmeth Tidiane Dia, director of Mac Rebeuss, denied that Guy Marius Sagna had sent him a letter. "No letter reached me. I called the man in my office to discuss it with him. During this discussion he emphatically told me that he did not send me a note and that he did not author the alleged letter. I even bothered to call the director of the prison service and he did not receive a letter either. I don't know if he talked to his lawyers or if he came up with another parameter. In any case, they are rumors. No letter, ”he says.
Asked about the content of the alleged letter announcing that the detainees were stripped naked in public in order to be searched, Mr Dia said the prison service complied with the provisions only by announcing that the search was being carried out in private. "There are rules in every trade. Beyond Guy's face, there are formalities that apply to all detainees, including the search. So we only comply with the provisions of prisons. Boxes have been moved to serve as search rooms. This is between the detainee and the agent. This is for every prisoner. There is no discrimination here. Whether it is Guy Marius or anyone else, we are managing thousands of detainees in Rebeus, we cannot talk about the case of a single detainee, "the governor said.

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