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"A Triple Lesson Offered to the Senegalese Family," according to Imam Abdurahmanen Traor


Ibrahim's Sacrifice: "A Triple Lesson Proposed to the Senegalese Family," according to Imam Abdurrahman TRAOR

Aid El Kebir's prayer was performed this morning at the Hadramé DIOP Mosque in GUET-NDAR. Lords of the barbaric language and other parts of the city came close to this religious center. In his sermon, Imam Abdurrahman TRAIR presided over a ritual called to meditate on the teachings to be learned from the sacrifice of the Prophet Ibrahim (Halayhi Salam).

The Imam recalls that Allah had entrusted the ancestor of Muslims with a child when he was very old. He then ordered that they sacrifice him in order to test their faith. Ibrahim bowed to the divine will without complaining. "This is the reason why God says that this prophet is a society on his own," says the imam, who points out that his wife Ajara did not resist the Lord's desire. "When informed by Allah's decision, he recommended that He added.

Senegalese women should be inspired by their attitude. They must obey their husbands, "the imam said. In this regard, he recalls that "Prophet Muhammad (peace be told him) said that I should order a person to worship another; I will order the wives to worship their husbands. "

Today, women boast about leading their husbands, dominating them and imposing authority on them, ”he mourned.

Continuing, Abdourahmane TRAORÉ calls on young people to follow the path of Ismail, who, before God's command, displayed respect and obedience. He considers the loss of modesty, drug use and insolence that attack the public as reasons for the lack of youth in order to conform to the teachings of Islam. Therefore, he insisted on the need to educate them according to the orientations of the last revealed religion.

"The beautiful acceptance of the divine will for those three pillars (father, mother and child) who found the family is the key to their success. Every year, we honor their very noble tradition, bequeathed to posterity, "says the religious leader. "The third to one lesson is that the love of Allah must take precedence over love that can be devoted to everything," he said.

Finally, the imam returned to the discord on Tabasca and the reasons for prayer this Sunday. Here is his whole sermon …

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