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Abdoul Mbaye's psychiatrist. (By Madiambal Diagne)


It can be said that without the risk of being mistaken, former Prime Minister Abdul Mbaie really needs a psychiatrist. Apparently, he is persecuted by death, his own death, violent death, murder.
As soon as he left the government, he went to seek refuge with the French ambassador to Dakar to demand protection that France owes to one of its citizens who would feel in danger of death abroad. The information makes people smile because it turned out that Abdul Mbuy was robbed at his home, but he concluded that he intended to kill him. He will serve us for the same story during the preparations for the presidential elections in February 2019. He claims to be at the crossroads of "killers" who wanted to prevent him from being a candidate. It turned out to be Senegalese citizens who refused to sponsor him, and that no one threatened Abdul Mbai. He again called for murder plans without ever complaining and allowing full investigation or evidence of threats. He will declare false information about the death of a protester killed by the police during a march of the opposition. Opinion laughed. Since Abdoul Mbaye, Abdoul Mbaye, writes of a murder project against him and that of his opposition allies, Usamane Sonko, Tino Alasan Sal, and Mamadu Lamine Diallo, is nothing too big for him. Everyone reacted with an amused pop. Now, he blames Baba Diao, an oil tanker, chief of Itoc Sa, that he wants to kill him because they will have litigation for a hundred years. Abdul Mbai went to receive an old letter dated August 30, 2016 by Baba Diao, who responded to the accusations made against him by Abdul Mbai. Now, now and now, three good years later, Abdul Mbae finds himself in the famous letters that can be interpreted as threats to death! The two men may have litigation, but for what the public knows, Baba Diao has persuaded President Mackay Sal to refuse to follow his prime minister Abdul Mbaie in the proposed closure of the African Refinery (Sar). At that time, the Le Quotidien newspaper reveals the case of a deadly plan by Prime Minister Abdul Mbai to close Sar. Baba Diao, who won the trial that frustrated the project Abdul Mbaie, could not help trying to kill the one who lost the battle? This is to understand nothing of her in this way. Why Dean Abdul Mbaie is being persecuted by a murder project? We recall that his father, Keba Mbaie, president of the Constitutional Council, resigned in 1993, refusing to announce the results of the presidential election because Amado Kledor Senne planned to kill her son Iba Mbaie.

I was right about Maki Sal for Abdul Mbaie Abdul Mbaie looks hysterical and angry at everyone. Who does not see the aggressiveness they talk to in public? This temperament must be relaxed with good therapy. Abdul Mbai is not recovering from losing the post of prime minister. He presents all the tangible signs of pathological mourning through hysteria, mania, and delirium. The most common manifestations of pathological loss are mood disorders or anxiety. It adds to everything Abdoul Mbaye gains from serious leaks, at least. Abdul Mbai forced the Senegalese to say in all nuances that he had signed the decrees approving the oil and gas treaties granted to Timis, as they were misled by the energy minister at the time, Ali Nguyile Ndiay. We now know that the Prime Minister's offices have received this draft decree on June 5, 2012 and the signature of Prime Minister Mbaie on June 19, 2012. Does this leave enough time to ensure regularity? signing documents? More seriously, Abdoul Mbaye says he advises President Macky Sall not to sign the famous decrees; However, he did not stumble when President Sol insisted on "stubbornness" to sign. At the time he was Prime Minister, Abdul Mbaie never protested anything! Last week, before investigators charged by the Dakar prosecutor to clarify this case of licenses granted to Petrotim, Abdoul Mbaye said he "no longer remembers the conditions under which the decrees were signed".

Abdul Mbai is afraid of violence against his own person, but advocates no less use of violence to take down the power of Mackay Sal. An audio record, owned by the Le Quotidien newspaper, certainly confirms this. We mentioned this in our delivery from February 11, 2019. This was a discussion with President Abdullah Wade at Hotel Terrou Bi in Dakar on February 10, 2019. verbally, the explosive interview Abdul Mbae had with the brutish captain Mamadou Dichi, who suddenly left the ranks of the Senegalese army. This famous interview was held on March 25, 2018 at 12 o'clock in the Lancaster Hotel, 7 rue de Berri in Paris. Abdul Mbai wants to shake the political agenda. He is aware that, with the current constitutional provisions, his ambition to become President of the Republic of Senegal will no longer be realized because it is impossible for him to collect enough sponsorship to confirm the application. Likewise, in 2024, Abdul Mbaie, born April 13, 1953, will not be able to imagine because he will pass the age of 70, set for presidential candidates. Unless it brings us a new civil status! So we see that he will only remain for him to seek to create a situation of unrest that will allow him to achieve his presidential ambition. Ironically, fate. A few days after the formation of its first government, President Mackay Sal, quite pleased with his choice to appoint Abdul Mbai as Prime Minister, asked me what they thought was a great discovery. My answer was upsetting him because I told him right away, "President, I think you made a big mistake. With this meeting, you risk waking up ambitious ambition. I am afraid you will find Abdul Mbaie on your way to the next presidential election! "The first lady, Marie Fay Sal, who was present at this discussion, likes to remind everyone, not without humor, my premonition.

For Abdoul Mbaye, the wallet makes man
Abdoul Mbaye is known to have a neurotic connection with money as he is a political leader who determines the place on the lists of candidates in parliamentary elections in light of the amount of paid financial contributions. That was the criterion by which Abdul Mbaie sold the seats on the Jojanti coalition in the 2017 parliamentary elections. The Senegalese did not share the same values ​​as Abdul Mbai, his coalition gathered less than 15,000 votes. all polling stations. Abdul Mbai has not understood this Senegalese people he wants to lead. That's why 66 years ago he found a charity soul to hand out Ndogu kits in the buses to reduce potential voters. The show made Dakar laugh.

In his political action, Abdul Mbai's only interests remain the subject of money, of a lot of money. The subjects of school, health or agriculture are of little interest to him. Abdoul Mbaye's fascinating interest in challenging money subjects is easy to explain. If there is money, it must be won, at all costs and maximum. "Neurotic money is the type of swallower who stays in his hunger forever." Abdul Mbaie was revealed as such when he worked with Pope Usmanne Ahne in their golden Sored project. Abdul Mbai is the banker who drank the money bags carried by the dictator Hussein Habre during his flight from Chad. Abdul Mbai is the banker, general manager of the West Bank Banking Company (CBC), who manages the bank accounts of the incident at Hissein Habré. When former Prime Minister Amina Toure reminded him of this feat, Abdul Mbae left a "tweet" to say that the sums paid by Hussein Habre in Kbao did not exceed 250 million CFA francs. Big lie! We challenge it because we have copies of "carrier bonds" on Hissein Habré's accounts, covering several billion CFA francs in the name of Abdoul Mbaye. Abdoul Mbaye is also the recipient of the bank statements from Hissein Habré's personal account. We hold the evidence. Abdul Mbai has argued with his Chief of CBC Jean-Claude Mimran. He also deals with his partners, including Aliou Sow, in the Senegal-Tunisian Bank (BST). Abdul Mbai is the banker who has the biggest problems with his big clients. We can cite the emblematic cases of Pope Ndiamé Sène, Bocar Samba Dièye, Oumou Salamata Tall, Abdoulaye Diakité, Mame As Sall and the list is not exhaustive.

– Admiral aside, let's attack the crown!
There are moments in the life of a nation in which one should not be misled by mercenaries of illusions abused by political apprentices who have nothing but fake in their gaming registers. everyone interested in transparency in the management of natural resources makes it difficult to separate the desire for harm, to keep the country in a permanent electoral campaign, to create agitation in order to force a war. Inflammatory positions and statements made by some opponents over the past few days have led us to believe that transparency is, in the end, a little interesting. We are in the logic of behavior, strictly personal programs that represent patriotism and concern for social justice. The idea is to train as many people as possible in a dispute without first knowing the facts. It is necessary to incite to the conspiracy of President Mackay Sal, seems to agree with the political entrepreneurs to push him to his last treasure. This strategy exhausts the steam. Smoke Sonko's example, who shouts with a tinge and a diamond, and then refuses to confront the bailiff's investigators in the general affairs of the judicial police, gives a clear idea of ​​who actually holds the elements or who only makes the gallery entertained. Soon Sonko claims he wants to testify in court to bring evidence of the Mackay Sal's regime, but when he can afford it, he leaves. This is the same attitude when he claims he has raised a large rabbit of a CFA 94 billion deviation in the context of the Tf 1451 / R case. Usmanne Sonko, his country's deputy, refuses to respond to the parliamentary committee of inquiry. What respect for the institution to which it belongs? It can be argued that if, at the end of his job, the parliamentary committee of inquiry is in court, Umeyne Sonko will find a reason "not to trust in justice".

It is useful for each democracy to see contradictory debates, the expression of opposing views on key issues such as natural resources. We were offended by the appearance of the first meeting called "Aar Li Nuu Bok," regretting the ban and clashes between the protesters and the police (see Chronicle 17 June 2019). This is the first of the rights, in a democracy, of every citizen to express dissatisfaction, denial or expression of the opposite voice. To observe instead what our "street slaves" offer, the aim is to create, step by step, a rebellious climate, a mistrust of public power! We dare hope that the Senegalese State will be able to respond adequately to this.
The resignation of Aliou Sall from Caisse des Depots and Consignations (Cdc), which is recorded, "more than patriots of all Senegalese" is one of their hunting trophies and they want to push the cork to the extreme. In England, at a time seen by Candide, one loved "killing an admiral from time to time to encourage others."
Today in Senegal you have to kill to scare others!

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