Sunday , March 7 2021

accused Mamur Diallo washed up by the National Assembly

The Parliamentary Inquiry Committee of the Senegalese National Assembly, set up last February, washes away former tax director Mamur Diallo, who is accused by his opponent Usman Sonko of appropriating FCFA 94 billion. She will speak to the press Friday.

"The overlaps that were made in the case showed that there could be no misappropriation of public funds. Mamur Dialo did not press charges against her. It is impossible for a former Domains director to be able to divert a penny of the money into a public treasury account, "said an L & # 39; Obs member.

A total of about thirty people were heard in the case. In addition to journalists Madiambal Dianye and Ustata Mbane, various people in the National Assembly were confronted with: Mamur Dialo, former Director of Taxation and Domains, Birima Mangara, former Minister of Budget (returned to the State Inspectorate General), among others.

Some summoned individuals escaped from the investigators. This is Pastef's leader, Ousmane Sonko, Ismail BA nominated for Sonko nomination. He claims to have created the African Tax and Legal Advice Services (ATLAS), which would negotiate with the holders of the title of the land in question. Amadou BA, former Minister of Economy, Finance and Planning, now heads the Foreign and Senegalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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