Thursday , June 1 2023

actress Lashana Lynch will be the new 007 in the next movie


As Daniel Craig said he wants to stop James Bond after the last film, speculation about his successor continues to grow, And this is almost a state matter,

Lashana Lynch in 007 but not in James Bond

Thanks to the news from the British newspaper Daily Mail, we just learned who will take on the role of Agent 007: the British actress Lashana Lynch (you may have seen in Captain Marvel), But contrary to what many people say, Lashana will not replace Daniel Craig, it will just take the 007 inches jump 25 planned for 2020 and committed by Carri Jogi Fukunaga (A real detective) car jump left the service after Spectrum, In all this, it is certain that Lynch will have the most important role of this next film and will see woman to embody this cult character shows that some things move and that's really fun,

After his break, Craig will have one last mission and transfer the torch Idris Elbe? Tom Hardy? Killian Murphy?,,, Bets are open !

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