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Aladdin: How Disney discovered his main characters

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Maybe you think the main character in Aladdin is … well, Aladdin. But not according to the final credits of Disney's new remake.

Unlike the animated original of 1992, Genie is the first name on the new list of actors, which is understandable, given that Will Smith is the most important name of the project.

Disney has selected two relative newcomers to Aladdin and Jasmine – in the form of Mena Masud and Naomi Scott.

During casting in 2017, about 2,000 actors and actresses have read about both roles for several months.

"The casting process is intense," Masud told BBC News. "I've been watching this movie ever since I was a kid and when I saw the audition, I threw it on it.

"And since I had not heard of four months, I was a little disappointed, but I grew up like any actor should.

"Then when we heard about his return, the process was intense, but I'm happy to be here now.

Rice Ahmed and Dev Patel with the lead role, but the longer it is left, the more Disney begins to look cooler.

"Disney's Magic Carpet Caused Unrest."

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"It is hard to find a leading role in your twenty years of singing and singing, especially since the studio wants a man of Indian origin or Middle Eastern origin (the animated film takes place in the fictional city of Agraba, the Middle East).

– Demand continues, Disney and director Guy Ritchie had to come back a few times on the drawing board.

Disney will read carefully the comments of the finished film when they were released on Wednesday to see how the film and actors were criticized.

Masoud says "studios have the right balance" when it comes to leading roles.

"I think we need to reach a point in the industry where we can choose the right person, fit for the role," he said.

"Now, with so much content on TV and in movies, I think many actors are entering the fight, but I think it's just a matter of choosing the right person for the role."

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Media legendNaomi Scott said Disney princesses are "so influential" to her generation

Scott is surprised to learn how many actors have read about the roles of Jasmine and Aladdin, but adds that he does not do everything possible to review.

"I had a very good idea of ​​what I wanted to do with this character who, I think, brought me peace, because I was like," I will reveal what I think can or should be.

"And if that's what they want, then it's great, but if it is not, then it probably is not for me, is it?"

She also applauded every movie studio, ready to try to hire a new player for a role.

"It's really important to take risks when casting," she says. "Besides, just interrupt some myths about what makes money."

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Will Smith says to put Robin Williams on the scene while the spirit is "terrifying"

Interviewing Masoud and Scott is an interesting experience because they have completely different types of personalities.

Masoud was silent and briefly answering. Scott is lively and energetic.

Yet, on the screen, the couple had good chemistry and had to go through the screen tests with each other before Disney took its final decision.

The two main actors have other creations: Scott is considered Kimberly (The Rose Ranger) at The Power Rangers, for example.

But for the first time, one of them plays a role of this magnitude.

The attention was hard and fast for Scott – who.

"Naomi Scott will soon be one of Britain's most brilliant cultural exporters," said editor Edward Enniel.

And, thanks to Aladdin, it is a huge renown, of course, to land at their two doors, which is difficult to prepare.

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Mena Masud said the casting process for Aladdin's role is "intense"

Have we asked, did we both consult with their social media to make sure that no contradictions on them?

"I'm so boring your girlfriend, believe me," Scott replies.

"The worst you will probably have is a picture I eat, I'm really boring, so I do not have to worry about it.

Masum argues: "You know, not so much (removing tweets), and just trying to stay firm and focused and see what happens, it's hard to predict these things."

– Do not worry, I'm blue

Masood, Scott, and Will Smith first saw a Entertainment Weekly cover in December.

Smith's genius was not blue – as Robin Williams's original animated hero was.

But Smith quickly used his account at Instagram to reassure fans that panic would be blue.

Check my tail vibrations in the upper knot, "he writes, adding:" And yes, I will become BLUE! "

"This is (the cover of the magazine)" Ginut "in his concealed / human form, my character will play the main role in the movie."

"I think we live in a time when social media and the Internet are being tested on Twitter, as they say," Masud said.

"Everyone has the right to it, that's good, it's a problem that we have to face, it's hard and it's scary, but we have to manage it.

"But after I said that I think they would be extremely happy with this movie, and I hope people will love it, we put in it all our heart and soul."

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Robin Williams, shot with Disney's executive director Bob Eger and Mickey Mouse, expressed the original genius

Smith undoubtedly has the greatest expectation, embracing the threatening role of the genius – famous by.

"I was terrified of that," Smith admits. "Robin did not leave much space for engineering improvements.

So, the first thing I thought was that it would be a live action, so I knew it would give so many opportunities and make an impression on the difference.

"There is something that is something for a generation when you celebrate the childhood of people.

"I wanted to pay tribute to Robin and the performance, with the songs and everything else that people will always keep in touch with, but then they could add the new hip-hop scent."

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